The Alexis Fletcher IWK Adolescent Mental Health Memorial Endowment



This fund is made available by us, the family of Alexis Fletcher, in memory of daughter/sister diagnosed with depression only a month before taking her own life on December 8th 2015 at the age of 17. In support of reaching youth who are experiencing serious mental illness and suicidal thoughts, we are raising money through various efforts to support this endowment fund.


This fund is to be used for initiatives to increase awareness and education about mental illness in our adolescent population. To promote early recognition of symptoms and to teach importance of early treatment to improve outcome for mental illness. To educate students on where to go for help, how to access support and services.


  • The fund will be used for focused efforts to address serious mental illnesses in high school age youth from grades 9-12.
  • The fund can be used for initiatives in Halifax Regional School Board high schools including:
    • Early prevention
    • Mental Health education and training for teachers and/or parents
    • Coping skills enhancement
    • Educational programs for students to enhance awareness and recognition of signs and symptoms of illness
    • Peer support and anti-stigma initiatives to increase engagement and help seeking in youth
    • Bridging the gap between schools and mental health services


Disbursements will be made from the IWK foundation in the amount of approximately 5% of the overall investment on an annual basis in perpetuity.